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Arizona Tour October 2009

Welcome from Arizona. Arizona was the 48th and last of the mainland states and was admitted to the Union on 14th February 1912.

Arizona History on Wikipedia

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The Arizona state flag.

Sunday 25th October 2009

After a very easy journey from London I spend the night in a Phoenix hotel. Sunday morning and it's Back to Skyharbour airport by the hotel shuttle bus to collect the car. Very little traffic early on a Sunday morning. It's a good time to start driving on right. Headed south from Phoenix to Tombstone - "The town too tough to die". When I had finished in Tombstone I saddled up and headed for to the sunset (Got in the car really and drove to the hotel in Tucson). Pictures show The OK Corral, Tombstone courthouse and Boothill graveyard.

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Monday 26th October 2009

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Just a short drive 10 min from the hotel to the Pima air and space museum. I also took the coach tour of the Davis-Monthan Airforce Base. A small selection of the many photographs I took today. If your not interested in aircraft, move along. Nothing to see here.

Tuesday 27th October 2009

A 400mile drive north from Tucson to Page, close to the border with Utah. Had to buy some Petrol for the first time today. To fill up  needed just over 10 US gallons and cost $25 (approx 42 L for 17). Very variable weather today. Sun, rain, even a dust storm. Snow is forecast for tonight. Only two pictures today. My Rental, Sorry, Hire car (Below) is a Pontiac G6.

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Wednesday 28th October 2009

Today's pictures are from Lake Powell, Marble Canyon and Lees Ferry. The last two are the Hotel for the night. http://www.camerontradingpost.com/

Thursday 29th October 2009

The Grand Canyon

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No more words are needed and frankly I'am too tired.

Friday 30th October 2009

Driving to the hotel in Williams from the Grand Canyon last night I passed an aviation museum I didn't know was there. So today I went back to visit the Valle branch of the Planes Of Fame Museum. Later I drove along the longest remaining stretch of the legendary Route 66. It's now called Historic route 66 and is 86 miles long.

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Saturday 31st October 2009

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Today I continued heading East down Route 66 from Kingman to the old mining town of Oatman. The Donkeys of Oatman live wild in the hills and stroll into town to get food. In the evening they go back home to the hills.

Next on to Lake Havasu City, The new home of the old London Bridge. Apparently it's one of Arizona's biggest tourist attractions.

Sunday 1st November 2009

Not finished yet

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